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It was the ancient Chinese geomancy masters who first studied the earth patterns to define the best places for human dwellings. They were known as Dragon Masters and the earth lines were called Dragon Lines.

As a trained Geomancer, ("Geo" refers to the earth), Lucy dowses to detect earth grid lines and underground water veins and then harmonizes them with a type of earth acupuncture.

The surface of the earth is covered with this net of global electromagnetic earth grid lines. Some run from north to south and east to west and others, run diagonally, crossing and criss-crossing each other.

The picture to the left is to scale of how far apart these lines would be from each other

The yellow lines represent the BENKER GRID lines, discovered by Anton Benker. The lines run from north to south and east to west and are spaced approximately 30' apart. They can range from several feet to 10' wide.

Unlike the other grids, it is a cubical, 3-dimensional structure. It has a floor, walls and a ceiling of magnetic radiation and each 'cube' stacks on top of the other. Because of its cubical structure and thickness of lines, its radiation is the most intense of the grid lines.

The orange lines represent the HARTMANN GRID, discovered in 1954 by Ernst Hartmann. The Hartmann Grid is the same orientation as the Benker Grid, with the lines running from north to south and east to west. They are spaced approximately 6-8' apart in the north/south direction and up to 10' apart in the east/west direction. They can measure up to 12`` wide.

The red lines represent the CURRY GRID, named after Manfred Curry. The Curry lines run diagonal to the Hartmann and Benker Grids and are spaced approximately 8 - 11' apart. They run from northeast to southwest and from northwest to southeast. The lines can vary up to 16 inches wide, except for the less common 'Curry Wide' lines, which can be several feet.

Both the Curry and Hartmann grids have a floor of radiation, as opposed to a cubical structure.

Also pictured are underground water veins which run randomly around a property.

All areas where grid lines and water veins cross each other will likely have a greater geopathic effect.

Lucy studied the science of Biogeometry with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert at the Vesica Institute in North Carolina, completing the Foundational and Advanced training programs. Biogeometry is said to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. It was founded by Egyptian Architect, Dr. Ibrahim Karim who started at a very young age to study the sacred power of the Great Pyramids alongside his famous father, a scholar of Egyptology and the pioneer of modern architecture in the Middle East. Biogeometry uses subtle energy to balance the energy of the environment, from electromagnetic radiation, to the magnetic lines of the earth, to the health of our bodies.

Biogeometry is considered a science of quality, as it changes the quality of the energy in the environment.

She then went on to study and work with Geomancer and Druid, Alan Reed for 3 years to learn about Earth Acupuncture

In early 2017, Lucy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Having previously been to nine of Dr. Joe Dispenza's talks and workshops based on neuroscience to learn about the power of the mind to heal the body, she applied what she learned and went from Stage 4 to remission in under 3 months. Her Oncologist was stunned, and her Naturopath called it a miracle.

She developed her own method of earth acupuncture in 2015 to harmonize the Hartmann, Curry and Benker grid lines by combining her knowledge of geomancy, Biogeometry and the power of the mind to heal the body.

You can read what her clients have said about her work in the Testimonials section.

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