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An EMF Inspection includes thorough exterior and interior measurements of electric and magnetic fields from hydro lines outside your home, electrical power supplies, building wiring and appliances; radio frequency fields from all wireless devices and communication systems such as cell towers, 5G, cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, smart meters, internet TV devices, baby monitors and smart appliances; and dirty electricity levels caused by high frequency electromagnetic interference that travels along power lines and building wiring caused by surges of electromagnetic energy from electronics and electrical devices.

Special focus is placed on the sleeping areas where one rests and heals from the day's exposures. Bed maps are made showing the electric and magnetic fields on the bed before and after mitigation. As well, measurements are taken of the voltage that couples onto the body from the electric fields on the bed. All levels are brought down to provide as safe a sleeping environment as possible.

A complete and easy-to-understand written report is provided to the client as soon as possible after the inspection detailing the levels of EMF found in the home from the various sources, along with suggestions on which actions to take to bring the levels down.

A verbal report is given at the inspection with any suggestions that could get the client started with a lower EMF environment that very same night.

EMF Inspections - includes thorough exterior and interior measurements

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