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About Lucy

Lucy Sanford, EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist), is certified through the Building Biology Institute and specializes in Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Radiation Inspections for residential properties. She lives in Nova Scotia, serving a 140 km radius from Berwick.

Inspections include exterior and interior measurements of AC Electric and Magnetic fields from power lines, transformers, appliances, household wiring etc.; exterior and interior Radio Frequency Fields from all things wireless including computers, toys, communication devices, baby monitors, cell phones and cell towers, Smart meters etc.; Dirty electricity from such as compact florescent lightbulbs, power supplies for portable computers, cell phone chargers, variable speed fans, etc.; Body Voltage measurements from electric fields that couple onto the body from the bed; and stray currents caused by electrical wiring errors.

Focus is placed on the sleeping environment, where one rests and recuperates from the day’s exposure.

She uses high quality, state of the art meters and suggests ways to lower the fields to more biologically, compatible levels. This is a science of quantity, as it reduces the amount of man-made radiation, which ones sees reflected in the before/after meter readings.

Earth Acupuncture Services

Lucy is also trained as a Geomancer, working to detect geopathic stress emanating from the earth grid lines beneath the home. She uses Radiesthesia or Vibrational dowsing to detect any toxic grid lines from the Hartmann, Curry and Benker grid systems. These lines, often referred to as the ‘spherics’, emanate natural electromagnetic energy thought to be caused by the intense pressure from the earth’s core. Unfortunately, in today’s environment, these ‘spherics’ are forced to carry the toxic, manmade EMF from the ‘technics’.

Solutions involve moving key pieces of furniture and/or harmonizing the line with a type of earth acupuncture. This is a science of quality, which changes the quality of the energy of the line.

EMF Inspections - includes thorough exterior and interior measurements

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Pre-Sale EMF Home Inspections - assess exterior sources

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Earth Acupuncture Services - harmonized with earth acupuncture

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Personal Consultation for Electrosensitive People

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